Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 - 01.01.2010

Day 1 - Happy New Years! We had an awesome day playing in the snow with the kids. We took them for a walk in their sleds and then came home and played in the front yard. Fun was had by all!

So my first picture of the year is of my youngest daughter Lily. This is her first walking winter so she is still unsure of the white stuff. She was walking along the walkway when she lost her balance and reached for the snow bank for support. To her surprise, the snow bank was powder and her hands went right through and she landed on her face in the snow. She was a good sport about it and kept on going!


  1. Such rosy cheeks! Just this yr Tash has finally started to enjoy the snow. Past yrs she hated it!

  2. So beautiful and such a good sport!